Juicy Fasting – The Ultimate Guide To Fasting!

Juicy Fasting is The Ultimate Guide To Fasting!

Hi, my name is Audrey and although I’m a qualified nutritionist and raw food chef, I have a busy life with an office job in the city, commuting 1h30 everyday, and having small choices for lunch between the burger places, the fast food chains and _ thank god _ my favourite salad place.

It’s been years I’ve been looking into the raw food diet, which is a diet I took as a detox diet and works phenomenally well. One big part of Raw Food is Juicing. And  big part of Detoxing is Fasting. When you combine the two _ Juicing x Fasting _ you can achieve amazing health breakthroughs, should they be regarding the physical aspect outside of your body: your weight, the glow of your skin, the colour of your eyes, but also in the inside of your body: back pains, detox of your different organs, immune system boost, and much more incredibly hard to believe little miracles.

Today, so called health experts advocate so many different ways to fast that it’s normal that people get a bit lost. Nowadays there is a very popular “diet” called the 5/7, which is 5 days of eating normally and 2 days of “fasting”. All around me people are bragging about this diet and they’re going on their supposedly fasting days “eating under 500 kcal a day”… Well… sorry to disappoint but whenever “eat”, even if it’s small, you are breaking the fast, hence this is not fasting, in fact, it’s quite the opposite! Let’s be clear: “eating under 500kcal a day” is called a calorie restriction diet, not a fast…

In the last few months, I saw so many people being very confused about fasting without even knowing it that I thought fasting would need to be re-established and that’s how my book ”Juicy Fasting” was born!

In this book you will learn all about the different kinds of fasts, the pros and cons, how to prepare for your fast, and then we’ll focus on the most efficient way of fasting which is through juicing; we will dive into juicers, juice recipes, fasting exercises, the benefits and most importantly the side effects called “detox symptoms” and these phases you may go through called “healing crisis“.

Embarking on a fast can be a little intimidating weather you do it for the first time or not, you’re setting yourself up for a challenge. Juicy Fasting aims at motivating you, helping you achieve your goal and comfort you, making you feel supported!

Unlike all my other books, i decided to give you the ability to purchase a REAL, not an ebook, as this book may well become your bedside book! Don’t worry, for the tablets fans, I also have an ebook available, at a cheaper price!

This (e)book is a must have in any library of anyone who respects their own health




I printed it in colour or black and white, the latter being a little cheaper.

Please click on the image below to purchase:

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