Do you still have cravings for cooked foods and wish you could have an easy way to replace them with a raw recipe in just a few minutes?

Are you bored of eating the same salads over and over?

Are you tired of eating fruit all day long?

Would you like to have more raw options on your menu, on the main menu and the dessert menu?

Are you frustrated to only find raw gourmet recipes with 30 different ingredients on the list?

Would you simply like to include more raw foods in your diet in
a way that is fun, delicious and quick?

If so… Then I have exactly what you need:

Here is The Solution to your problems and the answer to your questions:

This is your one and only source to:

Raw Food Gourmet Recipes signed by a Chef for Real people, like you, that actually have a busy life and not a whole lot of time to spend in the kitchen.

Gourmet Raw Food

make raw recipes that will impress your friends and family. They will absolutely love them even if they’re not used to eating raw!

Recipes that are quick and easy and that are actually fun to make!

the secrets of healthy raw food gourmet that won’t overload you with nuts!





Human beings need more than carrot sticks and celery stalks to be happy and satisfied. Why not add some raw gourmet recipes such as below to make your experience of life a lot more enjoyable?

Gourmet Raw Food

“I started adding one raw food gourmet dish per meal and my family is now asking for more similar recipes! Those recipes make everybody around the table satisfied and the best part of this is that it’s making all of us healthier at the same time! Thank you Audrey!”

Catherine, London

Ladies and gents, this is the SECRET to healthy and vibrant living:
- Experiment,
-Enjoy yourself,
- Be adventurous,
-Make it fun and DELICIOUS!

                              Let me tell you what my philosophy is:

The chef behind those recipes is...

My name is Audrey and I’m a Raw Food Chef, a Nutritionist and an Author. I’ve been preparing raw food for over 5 years. Health and nutrition, preparing raw food dishes are my greatest passions. I don’t want you to waste your time go through trials and errors like I have. I want you to benefit from my experience in health and nutrition for over 10 years. That’s why I created Raw Food Gourmet Recipes For Busy People.

The raw food diet had such amazing and positive impact on my life and my health, that I want to share my secret recipes with you. Those secret recipes helped me (and are still helping me!) fall in love with the Raw Food Diet. Thanks to those recipes, I never look back, and never will you!

Throughout my journey I made 3 major discoveries:

1. Preparing raw food recipes that taste amazing and that looks appealing take so much time!!! I ‘m the kind of girl that loves her food but can’t spend hours in kitchen to prepare a dish that will be eaten in 5 minutes…can you relate to this?

2. Many Raw Food Recipes Ebooks out there give you recipes with over 20 ingredients that are hard to find and take so much time to prepare. Initially, it got me very frustrated and I wasn’t even making the recipes because I felt discouraged from the start. That’s why I developed a series of recipes that have no more than 10 ingredients. Why? Because I’m realistic! I want simple recipes, that I can remember easily and make wherever I am! If you want to include more raw food in your everyday life, you need to make this easy, quick and delicious!

3. Raw food recipes are often too heavy, too nutty and too oily. In raw food cuisine, I believe there are a handful of ingredients that offer a great texture, high nutritional value and a very adaptable taste. I decided the best way to give you my SECRETS on raw food gourmet recipes was to base my recipes around 4 ingredients that I use all the time! What are those 4 ingredients?












In the Raw Food Gourmet Recipes For Busy People ebook series you will find 4 sections with plenty of recipes that fall under those 4 ingredients.

Here are some important highlights that make this series of recipes completely unique:

  4 sections of recipes evolving around 1 particular ingredient: tomato, banana, avocado or nuts. In each section, I am telling you everything about each of these ingredients, from their story, where they’re coming from to how to incorporate them in Gourmet Raw Recipes!

  Low fat, light, satisfying and not loaded with nuts recipes

  Raw Gourmet food that are simplified and put together so that it’s quick and easy for you to replicate

  40+ recipes

  40+ pictures

  40+ videos!!!

  You will find a VIDEO FOR EACH RECIPE where I am showing you every step of each and every recipe. I want to make this very easy for you, because even if my recipes are very simple to follow, I find that watching someone do it in front of you and explain every step is the best way of getting you going!

What’s the difference between this series of recipe and the others?

In Raw Food Gourmet Recipes For Busy People, you will find:

Here is what people say about my recipes:

““It is such a delight to have found you two. I really enjoy your ebook. All the recipes are simple and delicious. I am a newbie raw fooder and have been on my raw path since October last year. I was vegan for three years before this and vegetarian for an extra 11 years before. I was eating lots of home-made, organic but mostly cooked goodies. Thanks to your amazing recipes, I’ve started a whole new journey and I absolutely love it!”

Anne-sophie, Brazil

“I wanted to thank you for all the Raw Recipes that you shared in this ebook series. Earlier on I made the  Fresh Savory soup which I love. I remember my favorite hot clear bouillon from my childhood with finely chopped parsley but think this was even better. I must tell you I was not a great fan of anything green before in my cooked days. I am so happy to notice how the taste can change even when one is an older person already.

And its not only the taste of fresh food but the TEXTURE. Cooked food now reminds me of rubber and I m really SAD to chew and chew something that feels so dead. Raw on the other hand is always exciting and freshly surprising, something that makes one smile. Each ingredient offering so much more pure flavor. So once again a BIG THANK YOU for without your recipes I may not have been this successful in raw diet. “

Karina, Sth Africa

"Thank you Audrey for your amazing recipes! I have been raw for quite some time but I can say I’m very impressed by the simplicity of your recipes and the way you make them so easy and enjoyable. It’s great to see you in your kitchen going through the recipes! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time! Thanks again!"

Pema, LA


You will find over 4 hours of videos, 40+ recipes, 40+ pictures, 40+ videos. Here is some of the recipes you will find inside:

Savory Raw Dinner Recipes With Veronica and Frederic Patenaude

Raw Food Gourmet Recipes For Busy People

Cream Pie

Chocolate Nectar



Dream of Puree


English Custard

Banana Bread

Savoury Creamy Dressing

Veloute Soup

Stuffed Avocados

Cream of Seaweed Salad

Celebrity Pudding

Fresh Savory Soup

Chewy Snacks



Tomato Relish


Stuffed Tomatoes

Tomato Bread

Spicy nibbles

Spaghetti Carbonara

Cream Cheese



Nut Loaf





This is how the recipe ebook looks like on the inside:

This is how you will be able to watch all the videos:

You will be able to access the video by simply logging in your reserved area on Once you get the Gold Package, you will be given your personal access code and you will benefit from all the updates I will be making to the videos live!


  You get a 60 day 100% money back guarantee! I personally guarantee that after 60 days of watching all the videos, trying all the recipes, if you feel you haven’t gotten what you wanted from Raw Food Gourmet Recipes For Busy People, I will give you your money back, no questions asked, and no hard feeling! Just write me an email at:

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Raw Food Gourmet Recipes For Busy People

Savory Raw Dinner Recipes With Veronica and Frederic Patenaude


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Raw Food Gourmet Recipes For Busy People

Savory Raw Dinner Recipes With Veronica and Frederic Patenaude


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What is a PDF? It’s Portable Document Format, it’s simply a format in which
it’s very easy for you to read and for me very easy to deliver to you.

Remember, you have a full 60 days (from the date of order) money back guarantee. Simply send me an email for a full refund!

See you on the inside!

Much love,
Audrey B. xx